• Georgia Chasen

10 Reasons Why Barbecue Is The Perfect Socially Distanced Activity

A throwback to some outdoor cooking with my dad at a public-use grill, and my brother, cousin and I watching raptly. I just helped start the fire as you can see by the matches in my hand. Can you guess the year by my dad's outfit?

  1. It's an outdoor activity. Everyone can bring their own: meat, vegetables, snacks, chair, cooler of beverages, hand sanitizer.

  2. This is a project with a specific end goal in mind. This limits awkward silences or uncertainty around how long this particular hang out session is supposed to be. You can always talk about what's on the grill or smoker, how long it's been on, how good it smells, what sort of brine did they use? There are endless conversation starters!

  3. Outdoor yard games are the best! Pick up a frisbee or ball, throw a horseshoe or axe, set up an obstacle course, serve a round of fun beverages, or just feel the sunshine on your face and smell that delicious BBQ.

  4. There's plenty of room for more people! Barbecue is the most inclusive food out there. You can expand the (socially distanced) chair circle to be ever-larger. And when your neighbors smell your delicious food and stop by, now you're fostering good relations with them! Win-win.

  5. BBQ can be less expensive than other hosted events - even the cheapest of foods taste better when cooked over fire so you can load up the grills and smokers with a variety of foods without breaking the bank.

  6. It's fun to pee outside. Yes, I said it. I'll also say it's important to know WHEN and WHERE it's appropriate to use the outside for your facilities. And use that hand sanitizer, please.

  7. Clean up can be amazingly fast. Although I'm partial to real dishes and silverware, there are lovely alternates with bamboo throwaway plates and looks-like-real cutlery. Add a pretty tablecloth or a large roll of paper your guests can draw on, and you've set an easy elegant table that can be cleaned up in mere minutes.

  8. Have fun with the food! Try different cuts and types of meat, attempt to smoke fruit and vegetables, take a crack at how to incorporate your outdoor cooking in every course, including appetizers and dessert! You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment or training.

  9. A simple meal becomes a festive and memorable event! Think of all the meals you've eaten indoors. Now think about all the meals you've eaten outdoors, adding in a pile of your favorite people. What are you going to remember in 10 years?

Please tell me about fave BBQ meals you've hosted or attended! What made them memorable?

Eat and cook in good health,

Georgia Chasen

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