• Georgia Chasen

A New Parent’s Ode To Covid

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Tate Alexander was born on March 20, 2020. Due to Covid-19, the hospital allowed just one support person for my labor, delivery and recovery. I felt lucky to have my husband, Adam, when other states were contemplating no support person at all. Hospital staff was visibly panicked about the coronavirus and Maryland's shelter-in-place directive became an order a week later. Adam, Tate and I tucked ourselves away at home, and became a tight family unit. I wrote this poem for Tate.

A baby is coming!

Nine months in the womb

But the seclusion isn’t over

Now we’re confined to the room

Not on our registry

Was a global new plague

With advice on avoidance

Especially vague

While there’s no debating

That parenthood is uncharted

Your virtual introduction online

Was very much hearted

Keeping space to stay safe

Quarantine means distance

We couldn’t do it without

Some delivery assistance

Love is stronger than this separation

We’ll teach you that

This family’s forever

From six feet, or video chat

Our faces are covered

A scary disguise

But see I am smiling

Just look at my eyes!

The neighborhood looks different

Fewer places to play

I dream of adventures

We’ll go on someday

When out in the world

I keep you so close

Make sure you are safe

From your head to your toe

While inside the house

We’ll make our own fun

Clapping and laughing

The laundry undone

Dancing instead of dishes

Bath splashes and singing

Household bubble bonding

Such is an isolation upbringing

I didn’t know I could survive

on so little sleep

We each are frustrated

You cry and I weep

Shocked I enjoy being

Chief Poop Analyzer

Endlessly amazed we need

So much hand sanitizer

My quarantine baby

It’s now time to snooze

You relax while we worry

while watching the news

We loved you before

All this began

We’ll love you right through it

As best as we can

We don’t know what’s coming

This sure wasn’t the plan

But we’re in it together

No matter the span

sending virtual hugs,

Georgia Chasen

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