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How To Foodstagram

Updated: May 29

My credentials: I was discovered on Instagram in May of 2019 by a casting agent after posting a picture of the pig roast I threw for a family member's birthday. By September of 2020, I was on an international streaming platform as a contestant on one of the top rated food shows of the year.

I'd like to share with you the tools I used to build my food photo portfolio. It took some trial and error for me to identify what I needed to set myself up to be a foodstagrammer...let me shorten your learning curve so you can get out there and take some great food (or whatever!) pics! This post is my first foray into the "influencer affiliate link" scene. Hope it is useful.

Links below are affiliate posts on which I may receive some compensation if you purchase via the link.


I like to be as self sufficient as possible in life. This especially extends to photographing myself and my food and activities. My goal with any of my instagram photos is to try to capture what is going on in my real life, with as little interference as is realistic. I got a DM from a casting agent on Instagram because of my ability to take selfies. What a skill!

I think for a photo to be good on social media, you need these elements:

- Interesting Concept or Content

- Aesthetically Pleasing

- As Authentic to who YOU are as possible

I have compiled a list of SEVEN pieces of gear I use in my photo and video shoots. Hope you find it helpful!

1. I'm assuming you already have a Smart Phone with Camera.

2. The next most important piece of equipment is the Selfie Tripod. Here's the version I have purchased 6+ times. (Why so many? It can be dangerous in the backyard.)

3. PLUS a Standing Phone Stand for up close shots of what you are stirring or cutting. This feels like the most professional stand I've purchased thus far. It does take a little time to get your angle just right but it holds the camera for that cool-hands-only shot.


4 A. You are going to be hanging on to your phone in all sorts of funny positions. I suggest an additional hold-on-to-your-phone item: the Ring Holder for Magsafe Apple phone.


4 B. Additional hold on phone: the Ring Holder for traditional smart phone.

5 A. Then you need an extra Remote control for your tripod. The tripod comes with a remote but I can't tell you the number of remotes I've accidentally thrown into a fire! Seriously.


5 B. This is my upgraded remote: my apple watch as remote. It links via bluetooth to your camera so you don't have to worry about charging the remote or losing it!

6. Protect your gear! My phone screen was cracked for the longest time because my tripod would fall over when filming in more adverse conditions...wind, rain, toddler.... I had to find a solution - so here is a quality option, an empty Sandbag you can fill (with sand/rice/beans) to stabilize your platform and protect your camera.

7 A. Making YOU look good! The Commercial sized Ring Light.


7 B. A smaller version of the Ring Light for the lightweight kit.

That's it! Seven items to get yourself up and documenting your fabulous life. Let me know if you have questions. Then go get your gear and get snapping!



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