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What to eat WHILE barbecuing

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars at the grocery store for a big dinner you're hosting only to realize you didn't get any food to eat for yourself while you were cooking? That's why you should always have three categories you're shopping for with any event: 1) groceries for the actual menu, 2) groceries for guest snacks, and 3) some easy food for yourself.

One of the great joys of barbecuing is the number of hours spent outside, smelling the delicious meat you're responsible for. However, that can also lead to extreme hunger...and that's dangerous while BBQing...because it might lead you to take that food off the smoker before it's ready - just because you are SO HUNGRY and it smells SO GOOD! A cranky

barbecuer can negatively impact the overall BBQ product. And - I mentioned snacks for guests...sometimes, that meat needs a little more fire love before it's ready to be served. Guests get hangry, too. Keep the BBQ good times rolling with all day snack availability.

My favorite personal snacks during a BBQ day:

(these are not guest-specific snacks, which I prefer to be fancier)

- any sort of cheese platter

- carrots, celery, red peppers, green beans, cherry tomatoes with either ranch dressing or onion dip

- sandwiches. Generally, a non-cook item, that can be assembled either in advance, or can sit around while you're tending to the fire/meat. During the summer, I am obsessed with any sort of bacon-tomato-avocado-basil assembly.

And while we're discussing BBQ good times, let's also talk beverages.

An all day BBQ session requires staying hydrated so make sure you load up on some sort of water...I prefer seltzer. Iced tea is also a perfect BBQ companion - caffeinated, decaf, herbal, with lemon, can tailor it to your exact audience. I'm not a huge alcohol drinker but there are certainly times when having an alcoholic beverage feels festive. There are lots of beer drinkers in this world. I am not one of them. If I'm having an alcohol beverage, it's going to be a glass of wine (a wine spritzer is ideal because you're cutting down on alcohol quantity and adding a hydration factor), or a bloody mary (lovely for the morning plus it comes with its own snacks!). Have lots of beverages available for yourself and your guests and your all-day BBQ session becomes its own vacation moment.

Eat and drink well,

Georgia Chasen

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