• Georgia Chasen

You're Going to Mess Up Dinner: A Cooking Pep Talk

If you're going to cook, it is inevitable you will sometimes ruin whatever it is you're cooking.

Ways that I have messed up dinner (and breakfast and lunch and dessert): I've burned food, dropped food, over-salted food, food was raw in the middle, used lemonade mix instead of sugar, put cinnamon in eggs, started a small fire, forgot someone didn't eat red meat, had food ready too early, had the food ready way too late, didn't make enough food, made way too much food, food was too rich, food was under-seasoned, food should have been blessed by a priest. (I should mention most of the time my food is delicious!)

The only way to truly mess to not cook at all. The opportunity to cook rolls around multiple times a day, and there are people relying on you to get yourself in the game - even if the only person in this scenario is YOU. If you're too nervous about messing up, you're keeping yourself from one of life's great pleasures - enjoying food you have prepared yourself. Get in the kitchen! Or out into the backyard with your grill or smoker! And make food you're proud of, whether it was the end result or the attempt that was noteworthy.

I want to hear about your most spectacular fails. We've all made tell me yours.

Cook in good health!

Georgia Chasen

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